2016 Scholarship Winners

Robyn Klein – Ringette has been a huge part of my life for the past 11 years and have been lucky enough to play in the WCRC the past three years, and hopefully again this year.  Over the years I have met some amazing people and made lifelong friendships.  One of the most memorable games I have played was last year during the WCRC when my team made a comeback, scoring 2 goals in 2 minutes to tie it.  Then with one second left in the game our center scoring the game winning goal.  I was on the ice for the last 5 minutes and was completely dead, but the energy from my team and the crowd and my own adrenaline from the intensity of the game is something I will never forget.  Ringette has taught me to work hard and stay dedicated to my goals.  I have also learnt to work with others, and the importance of good communication.  Assisting with Marcel’s conditioning camp the past 2 years has opened my eyes up to a diifferent side of the sport.  Teaching me to love the sport in a new way by seeing young girls improving on their basic skills.  It takes all the pressure off of winning and reminds you as to why you fell in love with the sport in the first place.  Ringette has helped me to become a leader, and improved my self-confidence.  All these skills I can use not only on the ice but also in my academic and personal life. 
​I am attending school full time at the University of Regina working towards my human kinetics degree under the Faculty of Kinesiology and Health Studies.  This is a stepping stone to later on taking my Physiotherapist degree where I aspire to work on a sports team.  Starting university and playing ringette at a competitive level has been very time consuming, but I could not have gotten threw my first semester without this sport.  It is my safe haven, as soon as I step on the ice I forget eveything that is going on in my life and for those 60 minutes I get to play the sport I love.

Alysha McEachern – I have been playing ringette for twenty years, thirteen of them being on a AA or A team and I also started coaching A four years ago.  I have played many sports over the years but ringette always stuck out to me as my favorite.  I’ve had the opportunity to represent Saskatchewan at many Western Canadian Championships and National Championships.  One of my favorite memoires while playing ringette was winning the National title in Halifax in 2007.  Other memorable moments have been winning provincials with the teams I have helped coach.  It’s an incredible feeling teaching young athletes everything I know about ringtte and seeing them applying it to the game and achieving success.  I’ve worked as a skills instructor at Marcel Garnier’s conditioning camp for many years and have taken on the role of head instructor the last three years.  I love helping others improve their skills and seeing their face light up when they finally are able to do something.  When I’m not playing or coaching, I am working two jobs and attending my last semester at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic fulltime in the Graphic Communications program. 
​Ringette has taught me many things over the years such as perseverance, commitment, dedication and hard work.  These skills have helped shaped me into the player and person I am today.  Ringette has also taught me how to work with others, problem solve and how to be a team player.  Ringette has brought so many amazing people into my life.  Most of my favorite friendships are those that I have made playing ringette.  Your teammates are more than jus teammates, they become your family.

Jessica Rotariu – Some of the benefits of ringette are: Leraning basic team skills and coopperation with others.  Learning how to socialize and interact with others.  As well as learning how to stick to your own position and trust that other people will do their job.  These sorts of skills go beyond sport, and are crucial in life in general, and are particularly important in school assignments and work life.  Ringette helps to improve coordination skills.  I have also been an instructor in Marcel’s camp for the past 2 years.  This has helped me learn how to teach younger players their basic skills necessary for the sport.  This has also helped to improve some of my leadership skills, and ability to explain instructions better.  Being an instructor reminded me of the importance of engaging the younger girls and help make their experience fun so that ringette can expand and to help keep interest in the sport.  This way future generations of girls can continue to experience a sport that is enjoyable and dedicated mostly to them.  This is my 11th year of ringette and I can honestly say there is no downside to joining.  I have played both competitive and non-competiive, and have enjoyed each.  I have made so many great friends through ringette, and learned so many valuable skills that reach out to all areas in life.
My main focus is school as I am a full-time student.  Aside from ringette, there is not much time for other sports or activities.  I do an early morning discussion group on the side of my classes at the University where we look over scientific journal articles (this is non-credit).
I go to lots of ringette tournaments, as well I attended Westerns and Nationals when they were here.  I am a huge supporter of Regina ringette teams.

Michayla Semeniuk – In life I am known as Shay and the ringette world has been no different.  I have been playing ringette for about 18 years now and still love every minute of it.  I am proud to say that I have played this sport for the majority of my life and cannot wait until the day come I can hopefully pass on some of my knowledge to my own children.  Ringette has been such a grounding and rewarding experience, providing me with leadership and cooperative skills, self-confidence, determination and friends for life.  Each new season brings new adventure with meeting new teammates and coaches, wins and losses, which then reflect into my personal life.  I have naturally been an outgoing and confident person, but being part of a ringette team has enriched my life in countless ways.
​For years I have wanted to coach ringette but never found it possible to fit my schedule, until this season.  I am for the first time helping coach with one of my great friends and could not be happier, but it seems I picked my busiest year yet to make it work.  we have a fantastic group of girls that I am grateful to know.  Not only can I share some of my skills and knowledge with them, but they too contribute new ideas and constant energy.  Seeing the girls enjoy themselves and have fun together during the ringette season is one of the most rewarding experiences.  Numerous years I was named team captain and enjoyed my leadership role, but still felt as an equal with my teammates.  Coaching provides me with a similar feeling: the girls respect my place, but we are also able to connect on a fun and friendly level. 
​Outside of ringette I keep myself busy with two part time jobs at Towers Pharmacy and Pharmacy West, while also attending the University full time, but I always make time for family and friends.  I am an Arts student working to complete my lat classes of my Religious Studies Major and History Minor, then to complete the Honours program.  I love to travel and learn and experience new cultures – with a special place in my heart for Japan.  I play dodgeball and slo-pitch, bake and sell cheesecakes on the side and am trying to plan my wedding.  Two years ago now I did volunteer work in Fiji for 4 weeks and thoroghly enjoyed every aspect.  Working in a pharmacy setting for over the past ten years, I have been able to express my concern for others and my desire to help them obtain and maintain a happy and healthy life.  I strive to maintain a positive outlook on life ad do my best to encourage others to do the same.

Nicole Rodgers – 2016 U19AA Bandits Scholarship Winner

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