Regina Ringette Association Lifetime Achievement Award 2023-24 nominations



The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to members of the Regina Ringette Association (past or present) in recognition of their exceptional leadership, service, and passion for ringette excellence. Each year, this award may be given to one or more people who have:

  • Spent a minimum of 25 years within the Regina Ringette Association community or other ringette associations in Saskatchewan
  • Helped make Regina Ringette the outstanding association that it is through their actions and contributions
  • Made significant contributions which have had a long-lasting positive influence on ringette in Regina
  • Held positions of leadership, such as (but not limited to) board member, chair of committee, coach, manager, trainer, builder, official, volunteer, and player in Regina Ringette or other ringette associations in Saskatchewan

The Regina Ringette Association presents this award in gratitude for the valued service of our membership.


The Lifetime Achievement Award is presented during the year-end coaches appreciation event at the end of season. Family members of the award recipient(s) will be invited to attend.

Note: This award may not be given every year. A Nominee’s achievements must be outstanding to receive this recognition.


Lifetime Achievement Award recipients are determined by the RRA Awards Committee with a final review and sign-off by the Regina Ringette Board of Directors.

The Awards Committee includes at least three people: The current RRA Vice President, another current board member, and one past board member.

The Awards Committee will review the nominations and any documentation provided for each nominee and will make the final decision. They will also review the successful Nominees with the Board of Directors before contacting the award recipient(s).

A Nominee must be made aware of their nomination and approve it before we proceed with the award.


The Regina Ringette Association will accept nominations based on the criteria listed below. 

Nominations for the Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • May be submitted by any member of Regina Ringette Association
  • Must include a summary of:
    • Why the Nominee should be considered for this award
    • The Nominee’s qualifications for this award
    • Specific examples of the Nominee’s contributions over 25 years (this award is for lifetime achievement rather than a single contribution)

Deadline for nominations is  Monday February 5th, 2024.



Lifetime Achievement Award yearly timeline – Regina Ringette

November December January February March
Review current list Email members Finalize Nominations Plaques Reminder of Event
Prepare communication to members Website Communication Gain agreement on nominees Food/Beverages RRA President opening remarks
Collection of new nominees Review with RRA Board Communication of event to members Winner(s) speech
Book event/items/venue Reminder of event Plaque presentation
Closing remarks
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