2024-25 Registration Information


Registration for the next ringette season will open on June 1.

The ringette season runs from late September to late March for most teams. (Tryouts and evaluations run from mid-August through September). All registered players will receive specific dates and locations by email a week or two before.

New: Respect in Sport for Parents certification is required. For details, see Respect in Sport for Parents.

Please read this page before you register. When you’re ready, click Register. If you have questions, email the Registrar at reginaringette.register@gmail.com.

Note: If you have any problems with registration using a phone or tablet, please try again on a laptop or desktop computer.

Children’s Ringette

Children’s Ringette is divided into three stages (FUNdamentals 1, 2, and 3; also known as, FUN 1, FUN 2, and FUN 3) based on experience and skill level. If you’re new to ringette, or you don’t have a report card from last season, see Children’s Ringette to find out which stage to register your child in.

Regina Ringette also offers a program called Learn to Play (LTP) for children ages 4 to 8 (2016 to 2020 birth years) with little or no skating experience. See Children’s Ringette for more details.

Registration fees

Open (18+) Teams

    Open (18+) Spare Players

    • $150

    Additional costs

    Registration fees do not include team fees or your travel expenses. 

    Team fees are collected by your team for practice ice time and other expenses. Individual team fees for the season are typically around $150 to $300 in FUN 1 and 2, and $500 to $800 in FUN 3 and up. For more information about team fees, see Team Budgets in the Regina Ringette Association League Rules (U8 is now FUNdamentals 1 and 2; U10 is now FUNdamentals 3).

    Most teams travel to Saskatoon, Alberta, or Manitoba for one or more ringette tournaments during the season. The number of tournaments a team attends depends on the age group and competitive level.

    Tip: New players will also need to get ringette equipment, including a practice jersey, before the first ice time (late September or early October). See Full Equipment Required. For used items, check Equipment for Sale and any other local online marketplace.


    Learn to Play and all youth teams receive league-owned jerseys to wear for the season.

    High performance tryouts:

    • A non-refundable $50 fee applies for players in U12 to U19 who register for A and/or AA tryouts
    • Athletes who try out for a high-performance team in Regina are guaranteed at least 1 scrimmage in the tryout process
    • There’s a separate registration form for tryouts
    • You must register and pay for tryouts before the tryout registration deadline (see Deadlines below)


    League registration and payment deadlines:

    All players

    Fees are due upon registration.

    New and returning players must pay league registration fees in full before their first RRA ice time (evaluation or tryout). See Payment options below for more information about paying fees.

    Exception: BPRA athletes trying out for RRA high performance teams:

    • Must pay the tryout fee before tryouts
    • Must register with RRA in their age division before tryouts (see High performance, below), but are not required to pay the league registration fee before tryouts (choose “Pay with Cheque, Transfer, etc.” on the payment screen; then, if selected, you’ll receive an invoice which you can pay using any payment method, including credit card)
    • If selected for an RRA team, must pay the league registration fee (early bird rate) in full before their team’s first ice time

    Returning players

    To get the early-bird rate (listed above under Registration fees), returning players in all divisions (except Open) must register and pay in full by midnight July 31. After July 31, the registration fee is $50 higher.


    • BPRA athletes selected for Regina high-performance teams will be allowed to pay the early-bird rate after tryouts if they register with RRA and pay in full before the team’s first ice time

    Open division

    Open teams must register and pay their team fee, performance bond, and equipment deposit (if applicable) by midnight August 31.

    High performance

    Athletes who wish to try out for a high performance (AA or A) team must register and pay for tryouts no later than one week before the first tryout session. See dates below.

    • ALL athletes registered in tryouts must also register in their age division with RRA (this allows us to roster all selected athletes and activate teams in TeamLinkt as soon as possible)
    • RRA athletes must pay the league registration fee in full before their first tryout session
    • BPRA athletes can wait until they receive tryout selection results before paying the RRA league registration fee
        • See exception under Deadlines/All players, above

    Tryout registration deadlines:

      For Deadline
      U19AA August 13
      U16AA August 17
      U19A August 20
      U16A August 31
      U14A TBD
      U12A TBD


      Ice time

      Ringette ice times may be any day of the week. Games are often on a regular game day, such as Tuesdays or Saturdays, but may change from week to week.

      FUNdamentals 1 and 2 teams have 1 or 2 ice times per week. Most ice times are during the week. For more information, see Children’s Ringette.

      All teams from FUNdamentals 3 to U19 have 20 regular-season games (10 from mid October to Christmas and 10 from January to early March). It’s about 1 game per week. Each team also has playoff or exhibition games in March. (Tournament games are extra and depend on the team budget and performance.)

      Recreational teams from FUNdamentals 3 to U19 usually have 1 practice per week. There may be some weeks when they don’t have practice due to limited ice availability, such as during the Western Canadian Agribition or Regina tournament weekends.

      High performance (A/AA) teams in U12 to U19 usually have 2 practices per week. These teams collect larger team fees from participants to pay for more practice ice time.



      When you refer a new player who registers in any division up to U14, you’ll get a $50 e-voucher. The new player must enter your name in the referral field when they register for the season. Sibling referrals are not eligible for this promotion. You can apply the voucher toward your next registration fee or team fees.

      Goalie Promo:

      New goalies (U12 and up) will get an e-voucher for 50% of their registration fee when they complete the season as a full-time goalie. (Players who took turns as a goalie in Children’s Ringette are not considered a goalie until they enter U12.)

      Full-time goalies in U12 to U19 will get an e-voucher for 100% of their registration fee for the following season. Goalies moving to the Open division are not eligible to receive this voucher.

        Payment options

        Full payment is due upon registration (unless you choose Payment Plan on Credit Card; details below). Returning players who have not paid their registration fee in full by midnight July 31 will owe the regular rate ($50 higher than the early bird rate).

        Tip: If you don’t pay in full during registration, you can Check and pay your RRA registration balances after registration.

        Forms of payment we accept: Credit card, e-transfer, cheque, RRA bingo vouchers, RRA e-vouchers or discount codes (for Bring A Friend and Goalie Promo), and other funding such as KidSport.

        During registration, at the top of the Payment screen , choose your Payment Method:

        • Pay Now with Credit Card (Powered by Stripe) or
        • Pay with Cheque, Transfer, etc. or
        • Payment Plan on Credit Card to make 3 payments (one immediately and the following 2 months)
          For example, if you register a returning player during the Early Bird period (before August 1), you’ll pay $250 that day and and then 2 monthly payments of $125 each will be charged to the same credit card.
        Credit card


        • “Pay Now with Credit Card” to pay your full registration fee immediately, or
        • “Payment Plan on Credit Card” for 3 automatic payments on your credit card

        Non-refundable credit card transaction fees will apply for both options.


          Pay your full registration fee by e-transfer.

          • Send payment to reginaringette.treasurer@gmail.com (auto deposit; no password required)
          • Enter the player’s name in the comments
          • You may include more than one fee in the same e-transfer (such as sibling registrations and tryouts)

          Pay your full registration fee by cheque to Regina Ringette Association.

          • Send the cheque to Regina Ringette Treasurer, PO Box 3082, Regina SK, S4P 3G7
          • Enter the player’s name in the memo
          • You may include more than one fee on the same cheque

          Pay some (or all) of your registration fee with RRA vouchers (such as Bingo, Bring A Friend, and Goalie Promo) and pay the rest of your fee by e-transfer or cheque (using the steps above).

          To use vouchers for payment:

          • Enter the voucher types, voucher numbers, and the total value of the vouchers you’re using in the field provided during registration (please check voucher expiry dates)
          • Email the vouchers (e-vouchers or clear photos of paper vouchers) to reginaringette.treasurer@gmail.com
          • Include the player’s name in the email
          Discount code

          If you receive an RRA discount code (for Goalie Promo or Bring A Friend), you can enter and validate your discount code on the payment screen in TeamLinkt.

          • If you have any questions about discount codes or your code doesn’t work, send an email to reginaringette.register@gmail.com
          Other funding

          We accept payment from organizations such as KidSport and Jumpstart.

          • In the Funding and Vouchers section, answer the question about funding
          • On the Payment screen, choose Pay with Cheque, Transfer, etc. for the payment method
          • Send information, including expected date of payment, to reginaringette.treasurer@gmail.com


          This page is not a complete list of our policies. See Regina Ringette Playing Rules and much more on the Rules & Policies page.

          Note: Email address for new players

          To receive important league information and invoices, please enter your primary (parent) email address in the FIRST email field when creating a TeamLinkt account or adding a family member.

          During registration in TeamLinkt, under Create an Account OR under Participant Info > Add a Family Member, enter the email address of the person who pays the registration fees. (In youth ringette, this should not be the child’s email address.)

          Please don’t leave this field blank (even if it says it’s optional). Thanks!

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