Coach the Coach

The Regina Ringette Association is pleased to announce the continuation of the “Coach the Coach” program for Children’s Ringette and U12 in 2021-2022. The program is focused on supporting coaches beyond the Ringette Saskatchewan formal training.  These divisions will focus their efforts on developing key players skills like: skating, checking, passing, protecting the ring, shooting and others. 

The goal of the program is to: 1) attract, train, and retain coachable coaches, and 2) develop and execute consistent coach support procedures.  This program will support the start of the development of life-long ringette skills development early in our player’s careers and to be built upon every year until they have become proficient.  The program requires a long-term view, plan and will require an investment from the league to be successful.  Other associations have developed similar programs for their organizations with great success, we will continue to develop a program that meets the needs of the Regina Ringette Association and the long-term plan of our players.   
Where to begin:
Step 1: Finalize division-specific athlete and coach benchmarks –   The Coach the Coach manual is available to prospective coaches and will be a guide to follow during the season.  
Step 2: Enlist and train additional support Coaches  – All Support coaches from 2020 have returned and this will provide more consistency and understanding of all roles since last season.  We will continue to solicit experienced coaches who are open to helping out new coaches and sharing their wisdom and knowledge.  
Step 3: Hire and develop coachable coaches – Coachable coaches attributes: no egos, seeks advice, makes mistakes, be supported, willing to learn, see the benefits as a whole versus own player, ringette experience not necessary, and willingness to follow a program. 
Step 4: Learn the program for a successful season – We are determined to provide more direct support to new coaches as required and to have them be successful in developing their players with the right skills.  Our success will be determined by the standard skills that will be developed and demonstrated on the game ice and practice
There will be no additional cost for players in this program beyond their league registration and teams fees.  All other divisions will continue to operate as normal.  The program will be reviewed at the end of every season to determine our success rate and next seasons required adjustments.  
Frequently asked questions by prospective coaches:
Q. What is my time commitment if I participate in the Coach the Coach program? 

A. Eleven hours – two hours in the classroom for a coach manual review and kick-off meeting, two hours gym training for the coaches, three hours gym training for the players and two hours mid-season checking, and two hours year-end final report.  These eleven hours will save you forty hours you’d otherwise spend reinventing the wheel.   

Q.  How often will I communicate with my support coach?
A.  As often as needed via many communication options.  They can attend your practice for support, phone call, text, email, face-to-face, etc.    
Q.  Is the Coach the Coach program mandatory?
A. No, but we strongly encourage it in order to teach the basic skills and ultimately ensure a successful ringette season for the coaches and players.
Q.  What if I don’t listen to the advice provided by my support coach?
A.  The coach will be given many opportunities to be supported and if we focus on the players and their development we can not go wrong.  The goal is to develop the right skills at the right time for each age group.    
Q.  Why are we not including other divisions for a Coach the Coach program?
A.  We have limited resources and believe we can make the most impact on the younger divisions.   
If you have ever considered coaching your player we would like you to join our team and help develop a strong program for our association’s success.  With any program, our focus is to make a positive change. We know that there will be positive and negative events throughout the season.  The goal is to learn as much as possible, teach the right skills at the right time, and most importantly have fun with the players
We are currently looking for parents who have considered coaching in the past or are ready to coach now.  You can identify yourselves when registering your player for the upcoming season or register as a head coach through the RRA website.  The application deadline is July 31st.  If we have not received what we believe are enough coaches we will extend the deadline.
If you have any questions about the program, please contact John Dumaine at

Children's Ringette

The Children’s Ringette program provides an age and stage appropriate physical activity experience for young ringette players under the age of 10.

Children’s Ringette is focused on creating opportunities that emphasize: 

  • age and stage appropriate activities
  • fun and play
  • grouping children based on skill and readiness
  • maximum participation and engagement
  • opportunities to practice learned skills
  • adapted game play (small area games and mini-nets)



The Children’s Ringette year is two seasons:

  • October to mid-December
  • January to mid-March

Each season will have a separate registration.

Registration fees cover approximately 10 ice-times per season.

Each ice-time will be a minimum of 45 minutes and a maximum of 60 minutes in length.



Regina Ringette offers a Learn to Play Program as well as three divisions in Children’s Ringette:

  • Learn to Play
  • FUNdamentals 1 (FUN1)
  • FUNdamentals 2 (FUN2)
  • FUNdamentals 3 (FUN3)


Learn to Play

The Learn to Play (LTP) division provides children with an introduction to the sport of ringette, offering an opportunity to learn with players of similar abilities.

The ice-times are focused on the development of skills such as skating and stopping, as well as ringette-specific skills like ring control and shooting.

Each ice-time will start with a group activity and then break into smaller, manageable stations to play and work through skills during fun activities.

Ice-times will be on Sundays, dates and times to be determined.

The cost of LTP is $150 per player for each 3-month season.

The LTP division includes children ages 4-8 with little or no skating experience.

LTP Leadership:

One Leader from the Regina Ringette Association will oversee the LTP group based on session plans that have been developed for the program.

Additional on-ice helpers, made up of Parent and Player Volunteers, will help facilitate each ice-time.

All on-ice volunteers will need to be insured through Ringette Saskatchewan, obtain a Criminal Record Check, and obtain the applicable courses deemed necessary by Ringette Saskatchewan and Regina Ringette.

LTP will also require Parent Helpers to volunteer as Off-Ice Greeters at the rink each session.  These parents will be responsible for the dressing room keys, the on-ice sign-in sheet and be present as a general contact.  No experience is necessary, and they will be in contact with the Director of Children’s Ringette for any concerns.


FUNdamentals Divisions:

 In the FUNdamentals divisions, new players will participate in on-ice skills evaluations at the start of the season to help place them into the appropriate division and draft them onto teams. Previous registrants will have a graded report card for placement.

Some of the factors being considered to evaluate the participants include:

  • falling and getting up
  • skating forward and backward
  • stopping
  • ring control - shooting and passing


Each team in the FUNdamentals divisions will have 3 certified Coaches, including at least 1 adult female. Coaches will help to evaluate the participants, draft the teams, and lead their team practices and games using Coaching resources from Regina Ringette. 

Regina Ringette will support all new Coaches through the Coach-the-Coach Mentorship program which will pair a Support Coach with each team and provide additional hands-on training, as well as practice manuals.

Anyone interested in Coaching can either apply at the start of the season on the Regina Ringette website, can indicate their interest on their child’s registration, or can contact the Director of Coaching or the Director of Children’s Ringette.

All on-ice coaches will need to be insured through Ringette Saskatchewan, obtain a Criminal Record Check, and obtain the applicable courses deemed necessary by Ringette Saskatchewan and Regina Ringette.

Once formed, each team will need additional Parent Volunteers to fill a Manager and/or a Treasurer position, as well as a Team Covid Safety Officer position.



FUN1 is for children who are new to ringette or new to skating, learning basic game structure, and still developing basic skills.

Each 45-minute ice-time will be divided into:

  • 30 minutes of practice time concentrating on the development of skating and basic ring skills, an introduction to some of the rules of ringette, as well as fun games and team activities.
  • 15 minutes of game time against another FUN1 team.


The Game portion of each ice-time will be:

  • Cross-Ice format
  • 3-on-3
  • No Goalies or goal creases
  • No Passing lines
  • 2-minute shifts (facilitated by the Coaches)
  • No officials
  • No Scoreboards or Standings
  • No Game sheets


The FUN1 division will have 10 ice-times each season, generally 1 per week, and ice-times may be any weekday evening or on the weekend.

Teams in this division will collect a nominal player fee to cover such things as:  the league equipment deposit, team clothing, team pictures and team bonding activities.



FUN2 is for children who have improved their skating ability, are ready to learn more rules of ringette, and have developed some basic skills.

Each 45-60 minute ice-time will be divided into:

  • 50-60% practice time concentrating on the development of skating skills, ring skills, passing, shooting, checking, basic goalie instruction, and an introduction to the rules and game concepts of ringette.
  • 20-30 minutes of game time against another FUN2 team.


The Game portion of each ice-time will include:

  • Half-Ice format
  • 3-on-3 skaters plus a goalie on each team
  • Goalies use goal sticks only and players will rotate through the goalie position
  • Goal Creases (one existing, one hand-drawn)
  • One Passing line (the existing ‘ringette line’)
  • 2-minute shifts (facilitated by a Timekeeper using the buzzer)
  • 1 Official to enforce penalties and violations (Coaches can help to enforce rule violations) with safety top of mind
  • No Scoreboards or Standings
  • A modified Game Sheet


The Home team on the Schedule will provide a Timekeeper and the Game Sheet, and the Visiting team’s Coaches will be responsible to draw one Goal Crease.

FUN2 teams will also be allocated additional practice ice (2-3 per month) that they will pay for out of fees collected by the team.  Registration fees cover game-day ice and referees.

The FUN2 division will have 14-16 ice-times each season, approximately 1-2 per week, and ice-times may be any weekday evening or on the weekend.

Teams in this division will collect a nominal player fee to cover such things as: the league equipment deposit, extra team practice ice, team clothing, team pictures and team bonding activities.



FUN3 is for children who demonstrate that they have acquired the physical, cognitive, and social readiness for more challenging play.

FUN3 will play full-ice, 1 hour ringette games with Ringette Canada Rules and mini nets.

  • Games will be 2x17-minute stop time periods
  • Games are officiated by two referees
  • Goal Cap of 3 goals per player, per game
  • Regular Game Sheet (provided by the home team)
  • Scoreboards and Standings
  • 1 Timekeeper (visitor) and 1 Scorekeeper (home) each game


Teams in FUN3 will be allocated additional practice ice weekly that they will pay for out of Team collected Fees. Registration fees cover game-day ice and referees.

Ice-times in this division will be 1-2 times per week and may be any weekday evening or on the weekend.

FUN3 teams often participate in nearby tournaments throughout the Ringette season.

Teams in this division will collect a nominal player fee to cover such things as: the league equipment deposit, team practice ice, tournament registration/travel, team clothing, team pictures and team bonding activities.

Full ringette equipment is required. 
Jerseys and Goalie equipment will be provided.



On the Regina Ringette website, please register directly for the Children's Ringette program.




Why do FUN1 and FUN2 play Cross-Ice and Half-Ice games?

These divisions play adapted games on a smaller area to ensure more touches, interactions, shots on net and passes for the participants. Teams will be around 9-12 players to ensure the majority of players are participating at a time. With these adaptations, children can experience maximum participation, practice learned skills and move through the FUNdamentals divisions based on skill and readiness.


Will teams be re-drafted at Christmas?

We do not expect to draft new teams at Christmas. Some players may be moved up to the next division, but we expect that most teams will stay in-tact for the full ringette year. Your Commissioner will communicate any changes and will help you navigate any player movement off or onto your team.


What are Jamborees?

Jamborees are like mini tournaments for the FUN1 and FUN2 divisions. They are a more formal way for participants to have some competition at their level of play. Jamborees will consist of some skills, some fun activities, and some gameplay. Jamboree gameplay will follow the same rules as regular gameplay for the division.

Players will register for a Jamboree individually, and the Coordinators of the Jamboree will place players with their regular teammates for the Jamboree activities.

We expect each Local Association will host 1 Jamboree per ringette year - in Regina, Buffalo Plains and Saskatoon.

















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