2017 Scholarship Winners

Melissa Lozinski – Ringette has been a huge part of my life for the past thirteen years and counting.  I have been a player, a volunteer, and this year taken up the role of a coach.  Through ringette I have learned how to push myself to accomplish goals I didn’t think I was capable of.

I have learned how to have a positive attitude.  No matter how bad my team is losing, it is important we have to keep going and keep victory in mind, as this taught me to never give up on my goals in day to day life.  There is also a chance for a great come back if you keep a positive attitude.  This was made very clear to me when last year my team came back from being three down in the last two minutes, allowing us to advance to the gold medal game in the Edmonton Silver Ring.

Also, I have learned how to be a leader.  This is a skill that is transferable to my everyday life and greatly benefits me.  I have gotten the opportunity to share my skills with younger players and have them look up to me.  This is something not every teenager gets to experience, and I am very grateful for.  I have also been able to make new team members feel welcome and plan team events.  Helping me to do similar tasks with success in my day to day live.

Another great benefit of ringette is the lifelong friendships I have gained.  I have formed the strongest bonds through cheering on my frends when they are having the best game or the worst, struggling through hard losses or great wins, and not to mention sharing rooms at out of town tournaments.  As my coach says, “Let’s make some memories”.  And through ringette I have countless great times to look back on and many more opportunites to make countless memories in the future.

I plan to be involved in the sport for many years to come.  Ringette will always be a huge part of my life and I wil never forget what I have learned and the opportunites it has given me.

Jade Weimer – I have played all positions at a U19AA  level (including goalie) and am captain of the current U19AA Bandits.  I have competed in three National Ringette Championships.  I am extremely interested in coaching in the future.  

Through ringette, I have learned valuable life skills that can be applied on and off the ice including but not limited to determination, teamwork, perseverance, time management, and respect.  These values have and will continue to influence my behavior and decisions as I grow older.  I have also learned how to live a healthy lifestyle and the importance of eating well and exercising often.

Furthermore, ringette has allowed me to create lasting relationships with other players and coaches.

Brittney McNeill – I have been playing ringette for fourteen years.  When I started at age four, ringette was a fun sport and a place to make friends.  As I got older, ringette became more competitive so I worked hard and strived to be the best.  In my eighth year, I switched to full-time goalie and it was the best decision I ever made.  The crease became my home and my teammates became my family…literally!  This year I played on the U19B Voltage team where I got to be with my cousin, Mackenzie, an opportunity I have been dreaming of since I started ringette.  We are the Golden girls..the Silver sisters..the Dynamic Duo on the ice and this is what made this ringette year the most fun and memorable.

Ringette is truely a sport I love and hope to continue playing for as many years as possible despite my knee injury last season.  I believe my most defining moment in my ringette career was last season, after being off for a month because of my injury, when my team had to play a ten minute mini-game during Provincials.  During these ten minutes I made a save that resulted in my knee being re-injured.  My coach advised me to sit for the reminder of the game so I wouldn’t damage my knee more and end my ringette career but I was the only goalie so I said no.  Instead, I risked the chances of never playing again and finished the game, winning it and moving on to the bronze medal game.

In my fourteen years of ringette I have played in many gold medal and bronze medal games, a few resulting in overtimes and even one shoot out.  In 2011, I competed in the U14 team skills competition and won second place in the lowest goals agains, only letting in one goal.  I have had the opportunity to experience the WCRC twice and currently have thirty-four medals and four trophies that I proudly desplay in my room.

Along with ringette, I also work part-time and attend the First Nations University where I am working towards and Indigenous Social Work degree.  I hope to one day work with Indigenous youth and give back to my own community.

Chandria Yang – 2017 U19AA Bandits Scholarship Winner
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