Achievements – 2005 / 2006

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Novice Killer Beez

Congratulations to the Novice Killer Beez on your Silver Medal.  Thank you for a wonderful year!

Junior Voodoo

Congratulations to the Voodoo on your Gold Medal in the Junior Division.  Thank you for a wonderful year!

Tween B Panthers

Congratulations to the Regina Panthers for winning the Tween B Gold Medal on Super Sunday. This was a great way to end our season and you did it in style by winning all five of your League Championship games, way to go girls. All of you worked very hard this year and you should be proud of what you have accomplished. You played in the gold final in all five of the B/BB tournaments we entered. Our team finished first in our League and you had the second highest goals per game average in the intermediate and senior Divisions.  All of you became more skilled as players, you all got along wonderfully and we had lots of fun together. We are looking forward to our team wind-up next Saturday where we can pick you off in the Laser Quest contest and then have some fun roasting each of you and giving out your funny awards. Christine, Heather and I wish to thank the Panther players and their parents again for making this year the best year we have ever had in Ringette. I was especially pleased and honoured that each of you gave me a hug after you received your gold medals. That was a special moment for me that I will always remember. 

Larry Way

Open B Blades

Congratulations to the Regina Blades Team for winning the Open B gold medal on Super Sunday. This year started out in a festive manner with four of our Blades players deciding to tie the knot over the summer and the mood continued into the playing season. The Blades players are a very fun loving group who get along very well together and keep their coaches laughing because of their stories and the tricks they play on each other. We have coached some of our players for many years and it hard to imagine that many of them are now married and have families of their own. Our team finished near the top of the League this year and we played in the gold final at all the Open B tournaments we entered. Several of our players will be leaving our team next year due to attending school and accepting jobs outside of the Regina area and to start families. We want to wish all the best to our departing players and we hope to see you return to play with us in the future. Gary, Janis and I want to thank the Blades players for another fun and enjoyable Ringette season.

Larry Way, Janis Way, Gary Mack

Novice Angels

Congratulations the Regina Angels for winning the Novice bronze medal at Super Sunday. To win the game in overtime just makes it more special and a great way to end the season. My compliments go out to the Angel’s coaching staff, Derek Galenzoski, John Borsa, Kristi MacNeil, Mia Olson and Autumn Bryden, for a job well done. It is too bad the season is over because the Ringette community has enjoyed the fashion statements the Angel’s coaches have made over the year. We were never quite sure what they would be wearing next. Thanks for making the year more fun for your players and for all of us.

Larry Way

Tween AA Aces

Congratulations to Team Saskatchewan Tween AA (Regina Aces) on receiving a SILVER MEDAL at the Western Canadian Ringette Championships March 23 – 25/06 in Winnipeg. They had a 3 & 1 record through the round robin and had to beat the Host team in order to advance to the Gold final. The gold final was against Team Alberta in which Alberta won 3 – 2.

Team Saskatchewan also had three players named to the Western Canadian All-Star team.

  • Kirsty Hack – Defense
  • Ashley Cassano – Forward
  • Erin Maerz – Center

Tween B Panthers

Congratulations to the Regina Tween B Panthers on winning the silver medal at the Provincial Championships. One of our goals this year was to play on Sunday whenever we played at a tournament and we accomplished this goal by playing in the gold medal final at all four of the B/BB tournaments we entered. This goal was reached through hard work and disciplined play by the Panther players. It was an awesome performance and we are proud of you, Panthers.

Our team philosophy is to stress performance over winning. If you only stress winning as a goal and the team loses then the players may feel they have failed. We stress that if the players give everything they have during a game, they are still winners no matter what the outcome of the game is. The greatest thing about this philosophy is that if your players are having fun, they are being taught skills and they give it their all, it is amazing how many games a team can win.

Congratulations to the Buffalo Plains Phantoms on winning the Tween B gold medal. All the Phantom players worked very hard during the tournament and in the final game. We believe a successful tournament is one, where the players are able to enjoy other activities apart from Ringette. They have fun, none of the players are injured, they all work hard and the players and coaches go home still caring for and respecting each other. Our Panther’s team accomplished all of these goals at the Provincials and we want to thank the Panther players and parents again for making this team our all time favourite Ringette team.

Larry Way, Christine Treptau and Heather Cuthbertson

Open B Blades

Congratulations to the Regina Open B Blades on winning the silver medal at the Provincial Championships. We want to thank all of our players for committing to attending this tournament and for playing every game with intensity. We have coached this team for almost ten years and this is one of the rare occasions where the team picture included the entire team. Any Belle or Open coach reading this article will know what I am talking about.

The gold medal game went into over-time which always creates a situation where either team deserves to win the game. The gold medal game was a very fast paced, intense and exciting game to watch, play in or to coach. Our congratulations to the Buffalo Plains Hellraisers team for the winning the gold medal and to the Edenwold Misfits team for winning the bronze medal.

The road to Aberdeen also added intensity and excitement to our weekend. We enjoyed our time together in the motel, the team supper, team meetings and the infamous karaoke night where the girls tried out for Canadian Idol. This year’s Blades team get along very well and have been a pleasure to coach. They are a fun loving group and they have created many amusing moments for their coaches. Thanks for a wonderful year ladies.

Larry Way, Janis Way and Gary Mack

Open AA Riot

The Open AA Riot won the best of three series in two straight games with scores of 9 – 4 and 4 – 3 versus the Saskatoon Wild. By winning provincials they earned the right to become Team Saskatchewan and will represent our province at Nationals to be held in Longueuil, Quebec – April 3rd to 8th.

Tween AA Aces

The Regina Tween AA Aces also won their best of three series in two straight games with scores of 10 – 4 and 11 – 3 versus the Saskatoon Saints. By winning Provincials the Aces are now Team Saskatchewan and will represent our province at the Western Canadian Ringette Championships to held in Winnipeg March 23 – 25.

Tween AA Aces

Congratulations the the Regina Aces on their GOLD medal victory at the Bonivital Voyageur Tournament held in Winnipeg February 9 – 12/06. They started the tournament on what was a long bus journey in stormy weather to get to Winnipeg. Special thanks to Ron our bus driver who got us there and back safely.

They opened the tournament with a 14 – 0 win over the Sixers followed by a win against the Magic (5 – 2) and tied the Edmonton Rukkas 5 – 5. In the semi-final game the Aces broke the Angels halo and won 8 – 4 and earned a berth in the GOLD medal game. The Aces met the Eastman Flames in the Gold Final and prevailed with a 3 – 2 victory in what was a very exciting game.

The Aces parents are very proud of their daughters and the entire coaching staff, Gary, Trent, Randy & Bev.

Thank You Aces

Tween B Panthers

Congratulations to the Regina Panthers for winning the silver medal at the Regina Classic Tournament on February 3, 4 & 5. Your coaches are especially proud of your achievement because you overcome injury, sickness and other factors beyond your control to still make it to the gold medal final. Good work girls.

Toni and Cheyenne, our goalies, both played very well in each of their three games. In the our first game against the Buffalo Plains Tween B team, Cheyenne made two game winning saves, the type you would see on the late night sports channel that shows high-lights from that day’s games. Great goaltending Toni and Cheyenne.

Our cross-over game against the Buffalo Plains Tween B team went to overtime with Shantel Stewart scoring the winning goal for the Panthers.  Both teams played extremely well and the game could have went either way including a shoot out. The Buffalo Plains Tween B Team is very well coached by Brent and Marlis Slater and our compliments go out to them for how they have improved their team.

The Panther’s Team wishes to congratulate the Loose Cannons Tween B Team on winning the gold medal and to Eric Johnson and Mark McFie for the great coaching they are providing to their team. This year’s Tween B Provincial Championships will be a great event and we are looking forward to it. It should be a barn burner.

Larry Way, Christine Treptau and Heather Cuthbertson

Tween B Loose Cannons

The Regina Loose Cannons brought home the silver medal from the from the Ed Horvath Interprovincial Classic Tournament Tween B division in Medicine Hat.  The tournament what held January 13 – 15, after a weekend of mishaps and injuries that only a Friday the 13th could bring, the team made it to the gold medal game, which ended with a very exciting game resulting in an Overtime Score of 8 – 7 for the Saskatoon Thunder.  

All coaches and players would like to wish Mikayla a speedy recovery, and is hoping to see her back on the ice as soon as possible.  Mikayla was injured during the second game of the tournament, and is expected to spend about 6 weeks on the injury list.

It was a fun and exciting weekend for all, from shopping to swimming to watching a lot of great Ringette.  Once again Congrats to the Cannons!!!

Tween B Panthers

Congratulations to the Regina Panther Tween B team for winning the gold medal at the Lethbridge Tween BB Ringette Tournament that was held on December 10 & 11. Competition was very strong at this tournament and the Panthers had to win their cross-over game after losing a round robin game to the Red Deer Tween BB team. They met the Red Deer team again in the final game and defeated them by a score of seven to five.

The girls enjoyed themselves while in Lethbridge by shopping, swimming, team meals, breakfast in the coach’s room at 5:45 AM and by going to a movie called “Just Friends” which was a movie that was filmed in Regina. It was very neat to see the Regina landmarks in the film especially the scene that was filmed at the Doug Wickenheiser Arena.

This year’s Panther team is a joy to coach because of the player’s positive attitudes, their work ethic, their fun loving ways and the awesome support we are receiving from the team parents. We want to thank our players and their parents for creating the best year ever in Ringette for the Panther coaches.

Larry Way, Christine Treptau, Heather Cuthbertson

Tween B Panthers

Congratulations to the Regina Tween B Panthers for winning the silver medal at the Buffalo Plains Ringette Tournament that was held on December 2, 3 & 4. The Panthers finished first in round robin play among the Tween B teams entered and played a strong game against the Medicine Hat Tween A team in the gold medal final.

This year’s Panther players are an exceptional group of young ladies. They have already established a close team bond because of their friendly, fun loving and positive attitudes toward each other. All fourteen players on this team understand and know how to apply the techniques learned from our mental skills program, which is exceptional for this age group. They come early to their practices and games, they are ready to work hard and they follow instructions extremely well. Their Ringette skills, their work ethic and their skating abilities are improving at a rapid pace.

Our Panthers team is attending the Lethbridge Tournament this weekend and we are entered into the Tween BB Division. We want to thank the Panther team parents for their wonderful support of our programs and the friendship they have shown us this year. We are looking forward to spending more time with this super group of young ladies and their parents.

Larry Way, Christine Treptau, Heather Cuthbertson

Novice Angels

Congratulations to the Regina Angels Novice Team for winning the Silver medal at the Buffalo Plains Tournament, that was held on Dec. 2, 3 & 4. They were undefeated in round robin play with one tie and four wins. The Angel team players should be very proud of their accomplishment and how hard they worked to make it happen. I’m very sure that the Angels will continue to grow as a team and will achieve more success in the future.

A word of caution for all you coaches out there. Beware of what you promise your players if your team makes the gold final in a tournament. This picture should give you an idea of what I am referring to.

Good luck Angels
Larry Way

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